Arte Concept -
SieMatic Cannes

You dream. We turn your dreams into reality. 

To exceed your expectations. To surprise and amaze you.

To design, together with you, more than just a kitchen - a real living space catering to all your needs and adapted to your lifestyle.

Welcome to the showroom of luxury german kitchens in Cannes

The showroom of high-end German kitchens SieMatic - Arte Concept Cannes is a well-known address in Cannes since 30 years. Highly appreciated by a demanding French and foreign clientele, it is located in the heart of the city, between the Croisette and the rue d'Antibes. An authentic "SieMatic Studio", an internationally renowned lifestyle concept, our showroom invites you to discover in a cosy atmosphere the brand's three lifestyle collections, inspired by your own lifestyle: PURE, CLASSIC and URBAN.

The different SieMatic lifestyle collections reveal their timeless lines. They reflect your emotions, your personality. In the heart of your home, a living kitchen becomes a place to meet, exchange and share with all those you love. From the minimalist lines of the PURE lifestyle, the new kitchen planning concepts offered by the URBAN collection, to the versatility of the CLASSIC lifestyle and the excellence of SieMatic INSIDE storage system, feel free to create your ideal kitchen. Enjoy the luxury of daily life made of pleasure & comfort, completely to measure, only for you.



Created for the lovers of minimalist design and timeless elegance, the bespoke contemporary kitchens SieMatic PURE are the very essence of the German brand. For even more refinement, the display in our showroom combines the kitchen cabinets with subtle and elegant reflections in "brushed bronze metal", and matt white lacquered fronts. An exclusive finishing combination that gives your kitchen a particular aesthetic and a unique character.



Dazzling and distinguished, the favourite choice of our international clientele, SieMatic Classic lifestyle reinvents the kitchen planning by combining tradition and modernity. Whoever loves the extraordinary, will appreciate a perfect combination between master craftsmanship and the highest quality German manufacture, and above all the freedom to compose your luxury classic kitchen as a gourmet menu. Noble materials, wood and lacquer, stainless steel and chrome, different shapes and colours, light and dark, matt and shiny, create the most beautiful style of kitchen design - your own!



The SieMatic URBAN lifestyle, anything but conventional, is created for urban design lovers. A freedom of design, a mixture of styles and materials, an individual planning, open and closed storage spaces, combined with SieMatic's exclusive planters, transform this luxury designer kitchen into a real living space.



The showroom offers a full overview of SieMatic exclusive interior accessories and kitchen storage system, which has received numerous awards for its design, innovations, exceptional quality and unique aesthetics. Dressed in top-of-the-range materials, such as aluminium and various noble wood species, SieMatic Inside allows gaining up to 30% of storage space in your kitchen, and offers a multitude of intelligent and customizable fittings and accessories. 

Interior design

The true luxury of our days is the freedom of custom design, personalized down to the last detail. The kitchen is now intended to be open, and becomes the beating heart of your house.

To meet your expectations we go beyond the traditional kitchen planning and offer complete and exclusive interior design concepts to optimize your living space. Modular and independent furniture elements, such as the exclusive "FloatingSpaces" shelf system available in all finishes of your kitchen, or the award-winning "SieMatic Buffet 29", blend in your interior style and become the eye catchers in your living space.


SieMatic exclusive lifestyle collections open up a new scope of technical and aesthetic solutions that allows you to let your imagination run free in order to create the most functional and beautiful kitchen design project - YOURS!